The Scrigit Scraper is great for cleaning off small spots of dried food stuck on my granite countertop and brown grime that builds up along the back edges and corners by the backsplash. It is really handy to keep by the kitchen sink so I can quickly remove bits of food stuck to dishes, pots and pans.

Lynn S    Columbia, MD   

I keep my fingernails cut quite short, so the Scrigit is very useful for me. I have used it a LOT in the kitchen -- the plastic tool doesn't harm cooking surfaces, and it's a must-have for anyone who ever cooks pizza or anything else with cheese! I also keep one in my truck, one in my black powder range box, and one in my purse. I have scraped off stubborn price tags, gotten into shrink-wrapped CDs, spread glue into a tight corner, and used them for numerous other tasks.

Ericka H    Clifton, VA   

I have been using the Scrigit for four months on a wide variety of surfaces. I used it this week to scrape some residual caulking off our new kitchen backsplash. It worked very well without scratching the tile!

Carolyn    Olney, MD   

The small size of the Scrigit Scraper makes it easy to keep them in handy locations around the house so I can quickly grab one when I am cleaning or need to remove an adhesive label.

Emily W    Manassas, VA   


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