New Scrigit Scraper is a Handy Cleaning Tool

Introducing the New Scrigitâ„¢ Scraper, a Handy Cleaning Tool that Gets the Small StuffTwo Scrigit Scrapers

This Essential Scraper Tool has Hundreds of Uses

The pocket-sized Scrigit Scraper is a handy cleaning tool that provides a quick, safe and convenient way to remove small amounts of common substances, such as food, candle wax, soap, paint, adhesive stickers/labels/tape, grease and grime, from household and automotive flat and curved surfaces. Its unique size and shape, about the size of a pen, also makes it a great tool for cleaning edges and grooves and reaching into tight spaces.

Keep the scraper in convenient locations, such as the kitchen, bathroom, desk, purse, pocket, toolbox, and car, so you can quickly get to it when you need it. Keeping Scrigit Scrapers in multiple locations, just as you would pens and pencils, makes the tool a real time saver.

Give the Scrigit Scraper a try, and tell us about how you used it. Photos are welcome.

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